Katedra urbanismu a územního plánování


Katedra urbanismu a územního plánování
Fakulta stavební ČVUT v Praze


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Urban design (127URDA)

Studijní programy:
Semestry: Letní semestr, Zimní semestr
Vyučující: Jiří Kugl

2+0, W + S, ex, 2 credits

Bachelor Degree, Master Degree

This course will teach the fundamental principles of designing a city and the public spaces within it. The aim is to help the students to understand the layouts of different cities and to teach them how to recognize the good design solutions as well as the possibly problematic ones. The courses will consist of both lectures and open discussions where the students will learn how to form and express their professional opinions about various aspects of urban design and it will hone their analyzing and critical skills. Overall the course will place significant emphasis on showing and studying real life examples of cities and public spaces from all over the world and researching the contemporary design principles and ideas. Students will also learn about how the urban design can influence the people, their behavior within the city and their life.  

The course will be assembled of lectures / seminars in 2 + 0 module and accompanied with field trips / excursions within Prague (showing development in areas of Karlín, Pragovka brownfield and Hanspaulka).  

Guarantor and lecturer: Ing. arch. Jiří Kugl, PhD.

Selected Bibliography:

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