Katedra urbanismu a územního plánování


Katedra urbanismu a územního plánování
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Mezinárodní SOUTĚŽ: Planetární urbanizace

Kritika současnosti v médiu informačního designu

Přihlášky do 30. 4. 2015 
3-4 A2 panely dodat do konce května

planetary urbanism


The image of the city that we create for ourselves is an ideal one with a linear history; urban planning is largely based on ideal concepts handed down from the past. How does a city or an agglomeration function today and what, or how much, do we in fact know about this?"

The unstoppable process of urbanisation corresponds with the unstoppable process of the digitalisation of all functional aspects and spheres of life. While urbanisation fundamentally changes material structures, i.e., the physical world around us, digitalisation creates an intangible metastructure, so to say a ‘world beyond the world’, the influence of which often remains invisible. Everyday urban life plays out in these two worlds.


On the basis of empirical material, of data and facts, visualisations should be developed that:

The presentation should thereby look behind the facts and clarify coherencies and trends. The presentation should visually display spatial and temporal circumstances and trace the forces driving their development